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A con-tribution is the showing of appreciation (the tribute) and the desire to join in an effort (con=with), in this case, an artistic effort.
If you like what I see and want to be part of the effort of producing more of this (and hopefully better) work, a financial contribution is something an artist needs at all times. A verbal contribution, in the form of feedback critique is also one of the components of the artistic process.

Just like a musician, who spends time practicing, composing, recording in a studio and performing in front of the public, a visual artist has his “public time”.
Appreciating art is a blessing, which needs to be educated. These days very few people get art classes in schools and when it happens, it comes in a time and form when the child does not have the patience and maturity to fully taste the fruit of art.

“Working the public” is one of my tasks and pleasures. I like to organize meetings with people who want to hear about what art does to me, how it improves my life. I’m not lecturing/teaching which art is “good” or “bad”.  
These meetings need preparation and involve costs.
I also, voluntarily, help expose other artists’ work, making videos of their dance, (street) art, be it in the form of presenting an art book in a video. This too takes time.
It is necessary to have a strong(er) art community. And this community is made of the artists, the public, the people who decide to buy original art.

In times when so much money is spent on getting the body tattooed, to become different, to show personality, it is a mystery why people don’t see their homes as an extension of their bodies and adorn them correspondingly. My only complaint, so to speak, about hanging Ikea posters in the house is that a poster is an illusion of the art which is reproducing like a cd is reproducing a piece of music while an original, no matter how cheap or “minor”, is a live concert. The circle is complete, the artist, the public, the result is all there, as one.

Here under you can see some of the videos I made and I was talking about. In case of a financial contribution, if it’s not an anonymous one, I will inform you about how I used it. Depending on the laws of your country, art contributions can be deduced from taxes.
Thank you.

By clicking the PayPal donate button, you agree of your own free will to contribute with a sum of money of your own choice, to the future work of Mon Graffito.

Thank you!

Sten & Lex, street artists, exhibition opening in Rome at Mondo Bizzaro Gallery.
PAX Collective Gallery in Amsterdam


Art restorer Nicola Salini bringing back and preserving a Caravaggio painting


Making of a million pieces mosaic, by artisan Nikonico


Master Painter Andrea Fortina gives a tutorial in oil portrait painting


Mon Graffito Art Book Club, browsing through a book on Bernini


Bboy Team Knef from Napoli, performing live in a dance contest in Rome


Opening of a drawing expo in the Netherlands at the Mooi-Man Gallery


Jazz band de Nazaten performing with guest star James Carter