mon graffito stencil art

The Stencil Works I make combine several traditions/techniques.

Paper cutting is an ancient world and cultures such as China, Japan, Turkey, Iran, Bali and  Mexico have excelled at this. Of course, it entered Western cultures and some very brave artists create works valued by collectors and musea.

mon graffito
artist: Bovey Lee

mon graffito
Chinese paper cut
The stencil itself, used to print patterns on fabric and walls, have been around for many years in many other cultures. Probably the first known stencil is the hand contour found in many a cave paintings. mon graffito
To all that, I add the somehow new/modern use of spray cans that graffiti artists use in their work. Last but not least, Photoshop (the graphic software) helps me with the concept of layering different patters in order to spray different colors.  

How do these works come into being: after making a drawing, the stencil cutting is planned. As islands of paper cannot float by themselves, everything my be connected in a continuous flow. Like in a maze. Then comes the cutting. Which takes a very long time. The paper I use for the stencil is 220-250 grams. This means that I can spray the stencil a limited number of times (max 3). After that, it is damaged. I usually spray or paint through the stencil only once. I don't like mass production but I had requests of a reprint. The paint is acrylic and comes in a spray can or I brush it with sponges. Even when duplicated, a stencil will never look the same. The "accident" effect is what I love to "interfere" with my controlled environment.

creating a large one color stencil